My parents moved into Legacy at Erie Station. All their meals there are provided and they provide housekeeping services. The staff members are all willing to help and if they can’t, they find somebody who can. The grounds are well-kept. The location is kind of close to shopping and doctors. You need a car there, but they provide some transportation for shopping or doctors’ appointments. They don’t have a particular buy-in cost for that particular area and it’s just basically a simple lease. When they see that there’s a weakness, they try and fix it.

Review by Chris

Mom is in Legacy. It is a senior independent living, and it is a great facility. The people working there are wonderful. They are great. I like the attention that they are giving, and one of the best things are the activities. They have lots of activities. The food is very good.

Review by Caring102623750
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We recently moved our Mom into the Legacy Independent Living Facility. This was a difficult move for her since she was leaving the house where she spent many years with her deceased husband, her rescued dog and many family members including grandchildren who are in their 20’s. The experience of finding this facility and having my mom feel comfortable about the move was made into a smooth transition thanks to [Removed]. All of the staff have been friendly and helpful. Mom has enjoyed the delicious meals and having others to eat with. And when she wants to eat in her apartment (this happens on Sundays when those 20 year old grandchildren come over to watch the Buffalo Bills games) the dining room packs up her food and she is on her way. Mom has even been trying out some of the activities. The schedule that is given to each person the night before, allows them to decide what activities to participate in-if any. Finally, this move would not have taken place if Mom could not bring her trusted companion-her dog. Being on the first floor with a sliding glass door makes it easy for Mom to let her dog out on a leash. And even when the weather is bad outside, Mom can walk her dog around the inside of the warm and cozy building. This has been a good change for our mom.

Review by Laurie Collins